i’m still standing

week three now and i’m still managing it. sure occasionally i found i’ve slumped back into a chair, or forgot to get up after lunch – but it’s much better than i expect it would be. i’ve made the switch – and i’m going to stick to it. i’ve forsaken that four legged wooden friend, the swiveling, rolling office chair and taken my stand. literally. from now on, i stand at my desk.

i’ve never been a good sitter. i slump, slouch, sit on the back of the chair, lean back on the back legs – and move through all the worst posture poses throughout my day. the years have taken their toll. a few months back i tried inversion therapy. which is a fancy term for hanging up-side down. it’s tricky to start with, but can help align and strengthen my back. (seek professional medical advice first etc) but i came to realize just how much of my waking life is spent sitting.

well, i’ve had enough. standing is the new sitting.

not convinced? why not try it? i got a sweet lightweight stand that rests on my desk top for very little cash off a popular e-commerce site. it’s fully adjustable to make sure i can get it to exactly the right height to type easily.

day one my shoulders ached. day two my feet ached. but gradually i got used to it. i started standing taller. and now i find it harder to sit down and work and more natural to stand up.

many others are extolling the virtues. there’s a nice Economist article here. and Lifehacker’s standing up challenge here. but there’s no substitute for trying it yourself. as Bob Marley said: “get up, stand up.”

so the next phase is getting rid of my chair from the office. i’ll give it another week. and then clearing out all the other chairs so that visitors have to stand too. i can imagine the protests, but it might make meetings more interesting and probably much shorter. well, maybe next year…

have you stood up yet? try it. it might change your life.

well, it’s time for me to find somewhere to stick my office chair. maybe across the hall. where i can find it later just incase. 

time to sign off now and get back to it, standing at my desk in hursley.



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