datacenter on wheels

IMPACT 2013 kicked off a few minutes ago with Ford showcasing their latest automotive innovations including the stunning Evo.

it’s amazing to think that 16M lines of code goes into today’s vehicles and that sensors all over the car are constantly tracking everything that happens.

the Evo represents a new generation of vehicle – the always connected car. The goal is to have a car that can connect to the driver’s personal cloud of information wherever they are.

One feature that resonates with me is being able to walk out of the house listening to a song and have your car rock on with the same music.

As well as monitoring the vehicle’s components, tires, brakes etc. the new generation of connected cars will monitor the environment in the car, adjusting the air con in response to clues about the drivers alertness – not just the temperature.

the 2 pairs of gull wing doors on the Evo are a nice touch too. the car opens up like a stag beetle about to take off.


here’s a great video of the Evo and the new use cases Ford are imagining for the connected vehicle.

so how does the connected vehicle stay connected to the cloud? and how does this happen for millions of connected vehicles, with thousands of sensors?

moments ago Marie Wieck announced IBM MessageSight – the first appliance designed specifically to instrument and interconnect the Internet of Things.

already the response from our clients and business partners has been overwhelming. this new video introduces MessageSight.

we love making videos, but my latest passion is for infographics. here’s our latest.

messagesight infographic

that’s all for now. it’s going to be a busy week at impact with all new product announcements we’ve made and around 8,000 attendees, so it’ll be a long time before i’m back at my desk in hursley.



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