ah the joys of bringing brand new products to market.

it’s always the highlight of product managers’ careers, and the greater the challenges in building momentum around a new project, and the obstacles (technical or otherwise) in bringing a new product to birth, then the sweeter the moment.

so, it’s with a warm glow of maternal affection then, that our product management team are cooing over our latest delivery. and it’s a whopper!

behold: IBM MessageSight V1.0 announced today.


you can read the official announcement here.

what is IBM MessageSight?

it’s a new product delivered via a physical messaging appliance that is focused on extending enterprise messaging beyond the firewall to the expanding world of Mobile and M2M devices, such as smart sensors and connected vehicles. it’s designed to naturally extend an existing MQ messaging backbone. and it delivers new messaging innovations designed to optimize the throughput of real-time data and notifications to create a dynamic connected world.

our clients are excited about the new range of use cases this opens up, and the prospect of being able to get real-time, event-driven notifications from large numbers of devices, with security and reliable delivery. here are some examples


if you’re at IMPACT 2013 next week, look me up to find out more about this exciting new product and look out for the many sessions and demos that will be showcasing what it can do.

hope to see you in Vegas next week, but in the meantime i’ve got plenty to get on with, here at my desk in hursley.


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