some serious KITT in today’s cars

thursday night. a desert landscape at dusk. purple filter on the camera. a sleek black shape appears on the horizon, racing towards the screen. electronic theme music kicks in… then the explanatory voice over (a feature of all great 80’s tv shows) kicks in: “Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist…


knight rider rocks!

who didn’t want to race around in K.I.T.T? the ridiculously cool, futuristic talking car. of course, as a child of the 80’s i expected that by the time i was ready to drive, my first car in the future would be just like it.

it wasn’t.

rather i inherited my Nan’s red Renault 14 after it was written-off following a brush with an articulated lorry.

true, my Renault 14 did have a mind of it’s own and it positively oozed personality. but it couldn’t actually talk and certainly couldn’t turbo boost over other cars.

it wasn’t what the child who watched Knight Rider imagined the future of cars would be in the 21st century.

renault 14

but now, the intelligent cars that i hoped for are finally real.

many of the features of K.I.T.T. that had Mr Hasselhoff thwarting crimes against a string of unattached, heavily-hairsprayed, damsels, are now available in the cars being produced today. and the few features that are missing (except perhaps the jet launcher) are all on the car makers roadmaps. and not just for the top of the range cars either.

intelligent connected cars. smart connected cars are seen by many as the next frontier after Mobile.

some industry analysts reckon that in the next decade as much as a fifth of the value of a car will be attributed to it’s connected capabilities.

the use cases for these connected cars are many and varied:

  • notifying emergency services when incidents occur
  • instant rental of the nearest available car via mobile device
  • traffic monitoring and warnings
  • personal safety
  • convenient and ad hoc car pooling
  • targeted offers from retail outlets, gas stations
  • in-car entertainment
  • etc

at the mobile world congress last week we’ve been showcasing how we’re making connected, intelligent cars a reality.

check out the cool video here showing how connected cars enable smarter management of vehicles.

if you like it, please like it 🙂


time to get back to work, while listening to the Knight Rider theme tune, back at my deck at hursley.


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