tinker, tailor

i tinker. i really do. whether it’s a powerpoint slide or an excel spreadsheet. i can’t help it. nudge the graphics this way a bit. align everything centrally. fiddle with the font style. deliberate over the colour scheme. the end result just feels right. in a world where much of what IT professionals do (and certainly Product managers) produces only intangible results, the need to tinker is driven by that sense of satisfaction one experiences from knowing that you’ve produced something you can be proud of. but in a fast-paced, throw-away world, where most things are out-of-date before they’re even finished, endless tinkering isn’t a virtue. that said, when you’re trying to communicate a message to an audience, polish that shows evidence of thoughtfulness (usually that little bit of polish produced by a measure of tinkering), that reflects how important the message is to the author, can make all the difference in how you audience responds. i see this when I create presentations for our sales teams and our clients. sometimes that little bit of polish makes all the difference. but, life, as ever, is about balance. walking that middle path between slap-dash, and tinkered into meaningless sheen. so it’s about knowing when to stop. i’ve been indulging in some tinkering today over lunch. the result is the new logo/title for this blog and mild indigestion. was it worth it? did i know when to stop? can I resist the urge to tinker with this page layout in the future? time will tell. meanwhile, if you’re a tinkerer too: welcome, and thanks for stopping by my desk in hursley.


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