yesterday my wife and i went hot air ballooning. it is great fun. if you have the opportunity to i would seriously recommend it. we had a lot of difficulty finding good weather because we’d been booking our adventure for over 2 years without success. so what my wife originally planned as a surprise for our 1st wedding anniversary finally got the lift off well into our 3rd year. the weather always turned out to be the wrong kind. too windy. not windy enough. wrong kind of wind. yesterday’s flight was very nearly cancelled to because most of the south became covered in a blanket of fog. fortunately the experienced team at go ballooning had good local knowledge and drove us to a launch site away from the fog. once you’re up there, hanging silently above the earth, looking down on the patchwork quilt of fields, the tiny model houses and moss of trees, it certainly puts things into perspective.

peering down from the clouds, the familiar world takes on a whole new shape. tying this back to my day job, makes me realise how much our clients would benefit from a bird’s eye view of their IT systems so that they can step back and take stock of what’s going on. in our busy lives and jobs that might seem an expensive step to take, but it may help put IT priorities into perspective. and that could be priceless. in particular i want to take a look at how we can do this for WebSphere MQ and our other SOA Connectivity products. to see how we can provide IT Architects with an abstracted high-level view of their connectivity solutions, see how everything’s interrelated, where the cross-dependencies are between applications, services and middleware artefacts like queues, channels, message flows etc. if you’re one of our clients and you’d be interested in exploring this with us, please drop me a line. together we can help get some more perspective on connectivity. and while it’s breathtaking to be up at four and a half thousand feet, it’s nice to be back on terra firma, safe and sound, at my desk in hursley.


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