fail over

new blog. a new start. my previous attempt at blogging – started just over a year ago – didn’t last long. i’ve never really been disciplined enough to keep on creating entries despite the link in my web brower to the blog staring at me every day. my prior efforts were disrupted by a bout of illness (an acute dizziness caused by labyrinthitus) but really that excuse can only account for a couple of months – not an entire year. so why does this blog begin with such an apologetic tone? because i know that i’ve missed that chance to share a lot of the exciting and interesting things that have happened since. i’ve spent more time than ever with customers – my favourite part of my job – learning much about their challenges, concerns and fears and deepening my respect for how they do what they do, and my appreciation for the ways that we can help them succeed. we’ve also shipped brand new products. nothing in work is more satisfying than taking the idea from a new product from its inception right the way through to delivery and the first clients moving into production. yesterday brought yet another noteworthy example: announcing a significant update to WebSphere MQ, numbered as V7.0.1. the feedback so far has been so positive – i’m really looking forward to getting more from our clients as they get hands-on when we release the code. one of the many highlights is more choice on how MQ fails over when problems occur. no only can that help when bad things happen, but makes it easier to handle those planned outages. take a look and let me know what you think. i’m waiting at my desk in hursley.


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