ok – so it took me a while longer to post again than I’d hoped. truth is that labyrinthitis is no joke. tt took until october before the symptoms went completely. now it’s gone i consider myself very fortunate. some poor folks wait years to recover! the web can be a great resource, but sometimes it’s better not to look for things you have and learn too much about what you’ve got(!) anyway, this dizzy, nauseous sensation reminds me of something: the feeling many organizations have when they find out they’re about to be audited. audits come in different shapes and sizes. we’re audited from time-to-time too about the way we build our software. whatever the driver is for an audit – whether it’s to check on the process by which software is created or whether it’s to check that financial reports are accurate and up-to-date – there is one common thread: proving it by documented evidence. without the written evidence – and proof about when it was made and that it couldn’t have been changed later – it’s very hard to satisfy any auditor. (i think there’s a misnomer here by the way: “audit” means “to hear” – but auditors really want to see – so perhaps they should be called “perlustrors”?) the point is this: if an auditor strolls into your offices next week and asks you to show them that when the people in finance send their reports to the other departments (for instance) those files always get there, none go astray and none get partly sent… are you ready? lots of large organizations I talk to aren’t. as regulations tighten it’s going to be harder to ignore those dark and dusty parts of the organization where things work “ok” but you really can’t demonstrate (prove) it’s working as it should, protecting financial information and making sure it’s timely and accurate. It’s making lots of organizations feel very dizzy right now. but unlike labyrinthitis, where you just have to sit it out and wait, there is a cure for this: Managed File Transfer.


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