well that was unexpected

so I had great plans to write again a couple of hours after my first ever blog post… and i was sharing my concerns about not being particularly good at writing regular notes like this. and then it hit me. during one a planning session with the software development team i began to feel dizzy. not unusual perhaps. after all we’re wrestling with some pretty bid decisions right now as to the future of IBM WebSphere MQ following our major release last month (http://www.ibm.com/webspheremq/v7). webSphere MQ is our core messaging product and the backbone of 10,000 customer’s business – not least our’s too. anyway, it was something much more than the pressure of strategic planning and shared weight of responsibility: Acute Virual Labyrinth Infection, dr short told me. which basically means that something really nasty is playing havoc with my inner ear. you get to experience the effects of a really bad hangover – but for a few days. there goes the week! fortunately i’m working with an excellent team who were able to pitch in and cover the customer briefings i’d been looking forward to. there is so much interest in Managed File Transfer among our clients i’m giving brieifings every day. it’s great to see how enthusiatic clients are about what we’re doing in this space. And for me personally, i’d had more client contact in the last month than I’d had in 12 before it.

so – this morning I feel good enough to type. it’s been 90 hours since this inner ear thing struck. but i’ve got to be careful because looking at the screen too much will start the spinning up again – as i discovered yesterday. but I do need to cut to the chase! Managed File Transfer is our latest project from IBM Hursley. we’re building a brand new product right now to provide the ability to manage (audit, configure, monitor etc) the movement of bulk data in files and documents. we made our first announcement on July 8 which you can read about here. hmmm. getting that dizzy feeling again. i’ll take a break and tell you more in a bit. look after your ears!


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